About Zanny

As a Cultural Care local childcare consultant (LCC), I invite our host families and au pairs as well as those considering Cultural Care Au Pair to explore my site and learn about what is going on in our community. I provide year-round support to host families and au pairs, and also talk to families considering the program to help them determine if Cultural Care Au Pair is the right childcare solution for them.

I am a transplant to New England and have lived in the Greater Boston Area since 2008. After completing a Ed.M. at Boston University in International Education Development, I settled in Woburn, MA with my husband and sons.

I am loving my experiences as a Local Childcare Consultant. I deeply valued my time spent abroad in Thailand, Ghana, and throughout Europe, and I make every effort to help my au pairs have a similarly unique and lasting experience here with their host families. As a new mom, I also understand the need for reliable, trustworthy childcare, so I offer my full support to my host families as they foster meaningful relationships with their au pairs.

As an LCC, I am here for my au pairs and host families, and if you want to explore your childcare options with Cultural Care, I am here for you too. Feel free to contact me with any thoughts or questions you have about our program and I will be as responsive as possible.

Thanks for spending a few minutes here on my website.  I hope to talk with you soon!